Tailored Solutions to move your Business forward

External & Independent Valuation

For regulatory reporting or informational purposes, having a clear view of the value of your business enables a sounder decision-making process. We provide cost-effective, impartial and tailored outsourcing services for the valuation of all or part of a business. Either as reviewer, preparer or as support, we ensure that valuation requirements are properly satisfied.

Corporate Finance

Project Management

Pilot your project and implement the change

At HACA Partners we are specialized in Regulatory and Compliance projects, but not only. Our certified project manager will lead your project according to the standards from project governance to the final implementation.

Do the right thing and do the things right

Any doubt regarding the efficiency of your processes? We can help you to map, analyze, optimize and even automate your processes.

Process improvement

Mandate as non-executive independent Director or other open position in your organisation

HACA Partners will support you with the following services:

- Mandate as non-executive independent Director to accompany the supervision, compliance and development of your company

- Support in the execution of your governance during your Annual General Meeting, Board of Directors and other specialized Executive

Our team can also take over interim management assignments, and substitute to open positions in your organization for short to medium-term durations.


Our team

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